Coronado of Braley Brangus 803C1

803C1 is an outstanding young bull who posted an impressive 688 pound adjusted weaning weight. He is likely the best bull we have raised to date. Sired by Coronado and out of a Bragg cow, he is truly the package we were looking for.  He also carries a nice EPD package with eight out of eleven above the breed average. All rolled into a package of width and depth that make him a picture perfect Brangus bull. DOB 2-1-2015

For sale $2500 Sold

9-15-2015 800 pounds.


Braley’s Landau 607C2

This is a young bull from an Hombre damn and out of the great CRC Landau 263X2. This case Post 5 EPD’s in the top 25% of the breed, with yearling weight and gaining weight being among them. Check out the growth and rib eye on this young herd sire prospect.   DOB 3-6-2015

For sale $2750 Sold

Taken on 9 /2/2015 at 6 months of age.

Taken on 9 /2/2015 at 6 months of age.