Eat Local

Local food products provided by Braley Brangus

Brangus Beef         Free Range Eggs

While researching management practices in early 2015, we began to learn a lot about the low quality of the food production system in today’s world. After learning much about the quality of care in raising and processing meat in the US, we decided to begin expanding our registered Brangus operation to include local, naturally raised beef, poultry, eggs, and pork. This is definitely not a rapid undertaking, but we are committed to the production of quality food products for ourselves, as well as our potential customers.

We are currently producing Brangus beef, non-GMO free range eggs, and soy free non-GMO pastured poultry. Our process for beef production is simple. Our cattle are grass fed and we use natural supplements such as natural protein tubs and  Redmond Natural salt. The cattle are rotational grazed using electric fencing. Any cow who doesn’t produce a calf, or who after calving, doesn’t breed back in a specified time frame, will be culled. Beginning in the spring of 2015, we made the decision that all of our “cull cows” will be slaughter and sold as “Local Beef”. This is our way of cleaning those inferior genetics and not making them another ranches problem.