Available puppies

Harley x Rip puppies born 12-10-22

  1. Chocolate male-Linda (Blue collar)
  2. Chocolate male-Ana & Landon (White collar)
  3. Chocolate male-Elliot (Red collar)
  4. Black male-Harrison
  5. Black female-Rick (Yellow collar)
  6. Black female-Stacey (White collar)
  7. Black female-available (Green collar)

AKC registered Labradors from genetic tested parents. They will have their dew claws removed, will be dewormed bi-weekly, and will have their first DAPPv vaccine before they go home. Please visit our Labradors page for info on the adoption process. Then contact us to make your deposit.

GC female four weeks old

GC female three weeks old

GC female two weeks old

GC female one week old

RC male four weeks old

RC male three weeks old

RC male two weeks old

RC male one week old

Black male four weeks old (Harrison)

Black male three weeks old (Harrison)

Black male two weeks old (Harrison)

Black male one week old (Harrison)

BC male four weeks old (Linda)

BC male at two and a half weeks (Linda)

BC male one week old (Linda)

YC female four weeks old (Rick)

YC female three weeks old (Rick)

YC female two weeks old (Rick)

YC female one week old (Rick)

WC male four weeks old

WC male three weeks old

WC male two weeks old

WC male one week old

WC female four weeks old

WC female three weeks old

WC female two weeks old

WC female one week old

Three black females available

Three days old

Two days old