We strive to make the process of adopting one of our adorable pups as smooth as possible. We also want you, as the potential new parent to receive accurate and consistent information.

Available Puppies

Your new puppy will be sent home with a care package which will include the following:

  • Purina puppy folder with lots of helpful information to keep your puppy healthy and safe
  • AKC registration application
  • Up to date health records
  • A small bag of Purina Puppy Chow
  • Small blanket with mom’s litter scent so that the puppy has a familiar and comforting smell.
  • Chew toy
  • 30 month health guarantee

AKC registerable non-breeding puppies – $1000

Full AKC Registration pricing:

Black, yellow, or chocolate – $1500

Fox red – $2000

There is a $300 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your puppy, and puppy picks are awarded in the order which deposits are received. The balance is due in cash when the puppy is picked up. Once you are ready to reserve a puppy, please request an invoice for your deposit. We will email an invoice to you which will contain a link for your payment. We do not accept deposits on unborn litters.

Visitors are not allowed until the pups reach at least five weeks of age.

Puppy pickups begin at seven weeks of age and are scheduled at specific times to allow each family to have time to meet the puppy and ask questions.

Thank you for considering Abundant Life Ranch.


When our puppies join your family and go to their new homes, the changes can sometimes be stressful on them. In an effort to help your family and your new puppy make a smooth transition to the changes, we advise that you take things slow. As exciting as it may be to have the new puppy, it is good to understand that they are having a lot going on during the transition. Some of our recommendations will be to help your family, and some of them will be to help your puppy. Our goal is to help your puppy stay happy and healthy for years to come. Stress can sometimes lead to behavioral or health issues.

Some of the things to consider that could cause stress related issues are:

  • Recent completion of the weaning process.
  • Being removed from their siblings.
  • A complete change of environment. Including different cleaning/disinfectant products, indoor/outdoor allergens, and different interactions with new people and animals.

With all of these and other changes that might affect the puppy, we offer the following recommendations:

  • Feeding – DO NOT CHANGE THEIR FEED, for at least two weeks. Let them get used to the other changes that they are being exposed to, before changing their feed. If you want them on a different feed than they are fed here, make the change gradually by mixing the feed with the Purina Puppy Chow in increasing amounts over a week or two. This will allow your puppy’s tummy to slowly adjust to the change in diet. Your puppy from Abundant Life Ranch is accustomed to morning and evening feedings based on the feeding chart located on the back of your Purina Puppy Chow feed bag. We use the total recommended feed amount divided into two equal feedings.
  • Treats – If you are ready to train your puppy, we recommend using their normal puppy chow as treats. Simply hold back a small portion of their normal feeding, and then use it as treats during training.
  • Health – DO NOT EXPOSE THEM TO UNSAFE AREAS – Diseases like Parvo can be easily contract by simply walking on infected ground or by being exposed to feces from an infected animal. Your puppy was vaccinated before they went home with you, but they need at least two rounds of the vaccine to be considered fully immunized.
  • Registration – We highly recommend going online and registering your puppy with AKC. When you do this, be sure to “activate” the 30 day health insurance. This is a free offer provided when you register your pup, and can help with care and expenses should they need medical care during the transition.