Local Beef

We have been producing our own beef for several years, and are please to make this available to you as well. Our process for beef production is simple. We raise our cattle naturally using rotational grazing our pastures and minimizing the use of shots, vaccines, or chemicals. The animals are grass fed for their entire life, but are given hay(when needed), mineral supplements, and grain mixes are fed as only occasionally.

Grass-fed locally raised beef

When purchasing beef you are purchasing a portion of the animal. Animals are sold on a price of $3.50 per pound of the hanging weight. You are responsible for your part of the processing fees which are also based on hanging weight. We will give you an estimated animal live weight. The hanging weight is normally around 60% of the live weight. After receiving payment for your beef, we deliver it to the processor and allow you to place your own “cut order”. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing half or a whole beef.