Artificial Insemination

I started breeding in the spring of 2008 and currently have over 65% success rate with my AI work. There are different ways we can work together to get the best results getting your cows bred. I can travel to you if you have a proper setup for handling the cattle or you can drop your cows off with me and I will take care of everything here.

Current AI pricing

Breeding at my place:

Heat detect and AI 1-2 cows/heifers – $45 per head + $6/day boarding

Synchronize and AI 1-2 cows/heifers – $75 per head + $6/day boarding
(12 day process)

Heat detect and AI 3-6 cows/heifers – $35 per head + $6/day boarding

Synchronize and AI cows/heifers – $65 per head + $6/day boarding
(12 day process)

Semen not included in these prices.

Breeding at your place:

I can come to your place and synchronize or AI cows if you have a proper setup for handling the cattle. There will be a one way mileage charge of $1 per mile each time I come out to perform any services. In addition to the mileage charge, there will be a $25 trip charge if you need me to come out to give shots for the synchronization. There is no trip charge on the actual breeding day, but there will be a mileage charge.

Synchronize and AI cows
(10 day process, two trips for shots and one for breeding)

1-2 cows/heifers – $90 per head

3-6 cows/heifers – $60 per head

7-10 cows/heifers – $50 per head

11-20 cows/heifers – $45 per head

Above prices are do not include semen cost

For price on large herds please contact us to work out pricing and details.

I have some semen available for $20 per straw and up. If you want semen from a bull that I do not currently have I ask that you contact me and we will determine the best method of acquiring semen. Semen left for more than two years will be discarded(each time we breed for you this two year storage window starts over).

Feel free to contact me by email or phone if you have any questions.